Orange Juice Hatred (A to Z Challenge)

By: Caroline Paul

Many people that I know, including my family, absolutely love orange juice. Then there’s me; I cannot stand orange juice. It’s so tart and disgusting; shouldn’t it be sweet?

My dad buys orange juice anytime we go to the store and when they offer it to me, I’m like, “Don’t you know I don’t like orange juice!?”

I don’t know how my hatred started, but I can’t drink it. It could be from the tartness of it because I like sweet things; I just like candy and anything and everything sweet. It’s weird though because I eat oranges but I don’t drink orange juice.

Anyway, I felt the need to express my hatred for orange juice, so why not in a blog.

A picture of beautifully cut oranges.

A picture of beautifully cut oranges.

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