Storms (A to Z Challenge)

By: Caroline Paul

Rainstorms, blizzards, or any other type of storm I would love. I don’t know why I enjoy them but I do.

The smell of the rain is comforting to me. Supposedly it comes from the water hitting a bacteria in the ground. Anyway, I think if it’s going to rain, it should be gloomy outside.

But if it is going to be cold, there should be snow. ¬†When it is below freezing and it can snow, it should snow! I don’t understand why it would be a cold, gloomy day and no snow or rain at least.

Anyway, I like the rain and snow,but if its cold and gloomy,one of them should be present in a cold, gloomy day.

A pretty, purple storm.

A pretty, purple storm.

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