X-Ray (A to Z Challenge)

By: Caroline Paul

One day, I was picked up from kindergarten then went to lunch and hung out with my cousin, dad, and grandma. I had a half day everyday in kindergarten.

That day I went to Burger King for lunch, then we went to my grandma’s. My grandma had a playground for all the grandchildren, so my cousin and I went and played on the swings.

My cousin got the idea to get a portable highchair and strap me to the porch swing connected to the swing set. She was pushing me,but she was hanging on while doing. One thing led to another, and I fell off and landed on my left arm.

I was taken to the hospital and when I got the x-ray, they said I had to have a splint but not a cast.

The next day I went back to school, and my teacher cut the stuff out for me.

Honestly, it was pretty awesome because I was helped out and I didn’t have to do a lot at home.

A mold like what I used.

A mold like what I used.

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